Artist in Focus - Getting to know Cathy Lewis

Our Artist in Focus this week is Cathy Lewis, a clay sculptor who says that for her, art is just as much about questions as answers.


Cathy Lewis Pomp and Bric a Brac - Photo RWA Press


Born in 1968 in Bristol, Cathy Lewis trained at Glasgow & Falmouth School of Art (BA) Hons from 1987-1990. Cathy works out of Spike Island art studio and has been based there since 1998, currently residing in Bristol after returning to her hometown from Cornwall in 1994.


Cathy Lewis Blown away by Caravaggio


From 1998 - 2006 Cathy's work specialised in the acrobatic male form in balance, these individual pieces and installations were usually cast in Bronze and were shown across all of the major London art fairs at the time.


Cathy Lewis Nowhere Near Gotham


Since then, her work has evolved and shifted to examine the themes and narratives of cultural identity. Often looking at the importance of heritage within culture and how different themes can be intertwined. Cathy asks the viewer to look at the links between past and present that are represented in her figures, and how the future is often shaped by narratives of the past.


Cathy Lewis Father Tread Lightly photo by Holly Howe


From 2009 Cathy's work shifted to include her widely recognised life-sized child figures, these beautiful pieces are often shown in groups with leanings towards installation setups. The pieces regularly feature strong urban or tribal themes, with tea playing a strong role in her Re Set Tea Set series. Through this collection Cathy highlights how something as unassuming as tea can play a vital role in cultural connections with the past as well as social connections today.


Cathy Lewis Sculpture photo - Alessandro Conficoni


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