An inspirational art exhibition, providing a platform to showcase the latest emerging talent from Blackwater Gallery here in Cardiff.

With a reputation for putting bold and emerging art at the forefront of our artist portfolio here at Blackwater Gallery, we are extremely excited to bring you our highly anticipated emerging artists collection of 2022 through UNDOD.


 A selection of 5 emerging artists have been chosen to exhibit at our first emerging artist event of 2022. Their work covers a broad spectrum of visual disciplines, with each artist being chosen for their diverse aesthetic style and individuality.

We welcome you to join us for the opening evening of UNDOD on 


6:00pm - 9:00pm


Featured Artists

Chris Pompa

Chris Pompa describes his work as his 'motivation is to reinterpret the world and everything in it as it's experienced within my own imagination. I am inspired primarily by colour and secondly by the rhythms I create between those colours and their forms. I work largely in an abstract style, due to its freeing and cathartic application, often not knowing where or when a piece will end. I call this process 'no form only expression' as I work on an intuitive level with no sketching or planning beforehand. Only after the completion of a piece will I attempt to understand its visceral journey.'

Ian Mackenzie

Based in South Wales, Mackenzie works in rich detailed oils on canvas. He has a unique eye for colour and precision and as such many of his paintings represent a photorealism style.Ians influence to paint comes from the study of the subject, the emotion involved and the interaction with the surrounding environment.Many of his commissioned pieces have enthused not only the recipient, but also the painter himself by the overwhelming emotion of their positive reaction.

Jamie Gallagher

Jamie Gallagher is a figurative painter living and working in England. Painted predomantly in oils, Jamie's work explores the concept of 'identity', as individuals are forced to experience extremes of psychological and emotional challenge. Shifting uncomfortably from sensitive to brutal, his work finds beauty in life's more visceral themes.

Jon Wall

Jon Wall's practice predominently sits within the confines of theology, the philosophical debate of the nature of god. The innate desire to hack reality and find a deeper meaning to existence is fundamental to the human experience and has been questioned by philosophers, religions, scientists, astrologists, and artists since the beginning of human consciousness.

Sian Wroe Jones

Siân Wroe Jones is an artist from Wales, currently pursuing an MFA in Painting at UAL Camberwell College of Art.Her practice is concerned with the ideas of history, memory and nostalgia and how these connect and interrelate. She interrogates the various concepts of 'belonging', class, and 'national identity', particularly as they relate to her personal experiences and backgrounds.She paints through the prism of other people's memories, found documentation and imagination.


At Blackwater we pride ourselves on creating a welcoming and approachable atmosphere during our exhibition evenings.

If you have not attended an exhibition evening before, UNDOD is an excellent opportunity to join us and explore an exciting portfolio of emerging artists from across the UK.


We look forward to seeing you at what is sure to be a fantastic event. 
Complimentary refreshments will be available throughout the exhibition.