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Rubicon / Cyan Breaker

Chuck Elliott

Mesmerizing digital art by artist Chuck Elliott

Rubicon is the first of a series of circular ’systematic variation’ pieces, that take on the idea of using a series of geometrical variations to re-modulate underlying drawings to add increased levels of movement and energy to the linework, in this case using a kind of diamond matrix to animate the flow of the inks as they work outwards from the center. Chuck made the study in two distinct colour palettes, this highly liquid cyan, turquoise and orange one, and a more autumnal piece with coppers, golds, reds, and oranges. Rubicon is the title of a myriad of things, but in chuck’s mind, it’s a reference to the first Tangerine Dream album bought, an astonishing piece of fully synthesized music.

Edition of 8 & 2AP's

Material: Metallic Lambda Photographic Print

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