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Radial / THREE / Kandy Black

Chuck Elliott

Mesmerizing digital art by Artist Chuck Elliott

Chuck says: Radial / THREE takes the idea of adding time and motion to a static artwork, by using animation tools to create 24 individual frames from a motion-based sequence of images. These frames have then been re-composited back into one singular whole. The 24 frames create a kind of ‘circle of life’ radiating out tangentially from their central core, to form a 120cm diameter toroid, that invites the viewer to contemplate the image not as a traditional landscape or portrait work, but as a more sculptural piece, that fully encapsulates its own geometry. As the linework curls back in like a breaking wave where it meets the outer edge of the circle. By having no apparent start or endpoint, it also creates a kind of endless continuum.

Edition of 8 & 2AP's

Material: Metallic Lambda Photographic Print

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