JP Jones

99 Problems - Jay Z

Size: 42 x 35.5 inches

Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas


About this piece

JP Jones is an international contemporary artist and acclaimed musician, whose work has taken him all around the world. With a career spanning twenty years, Jones’s career in music has seen him tour the world with the likes of Chrissie Hynde, Lucinda Williams, and Guns n’ Roses, whilst his art has been exhibited in London, Paris, and Sydney.

Inspired to bring together both audio and visual arts, JP Jones has worked to bring music to the deaf and hard of hearing with his paintings.

'Once I developed the technique to make sound visual I was inspired to work with people who were hard of hearing, to enable them to experience music and sound visually. To feel the vibrations of music on the speaker and see the lasers reflection. Watching sound move as oppose to hearing it. Its been amazing taking my idea to deaf institutes and making music visual. I am in talks with the MCA (museum of contemporary art) in Sydney to run a workshop where deaf people can see music and their own voices'


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