Born in 1969,Toby Mulligan is a a rising star on the British art scene. A self taught artist, Mulligan was  a 2012  finalist for the BP Portrait award and subsequently had his work exhibited at the prestigious National Portrait Gallery in London. Mulligans career has taken on a new direction following the recognition he received from earning a place as a BP Portrait award finalist.

His spontaneous style has developed over many years. When he begins a piece, he does not prepare with sketches or planning, but simply starts to paint or draw, and each work is intuitive, spirited and extraordinary. He uses a wide range of models, but feels that his best work comes from making a connection with the person he paints. Although he does use photographs, his preference is always to paint from life and to form this connection with the model. 


Toby was commissioned to paint tennis star Roger Federer in 2014 for the player’s annual charity gala in Geneva, and his work is in private collections around the world, including that in Mick Jagger’s chateau in France.


Untitled Watercolour

Toby Mulligan Watercolour on Paper