Les says: "My work uses traditional Renaissance techniques; many learnt from when I was a restorer at the National Gallery London.

I am inspired by cityscapes and architecture; I love the way they constantly grow and change. These inspirations began on my first visits to New York where I really saw skyscrapers scraping the skyline of Manhattan!

Often my work has shades of tonal paneling where I try to give the imagery a structure that belongs to the painting itself not based on what I see. Some shapes pick out the areas of particular interest to myself either emotionally or visually, some are purely compositional.

I do see myself in a deep figurative tradition, but I am an artist not a camera"!



  • Westward Television
  • Andrew Brownsword
  • Public choice Bath Society of Artists
  • Harbourside Arts Centre

Designer/Illustrator Commisions

  • Johnie Walker
  • Toblerone
  • Oxford University Press
  • Transworld Corgi

Public & Private Collections

  • National Trust
  • H.R.H Duke of Kent
  • City Art Galleries
  • Open University through to the Museum of Modern Art in Canberra Australia