With a reputation for artwork that holds nothing back, Keith Maiden has a passion for creating works with a strong narrative influence. 

An entirely self taught artist, Keith worked to support his parents over attending Art College. Taking up the brush again 8 years ago, Maiden was discovered by art publisher Washington Green, who added him to their collection of contemporary artists in 2013. 

Maiden’s work addresses the issues that are prevalent in today’s society. He explores themes such as greed, abuse, politics, and most recently the Covid 19 Pandemic. With paintings created almost entirely in black and white, Maiden incorporates raw pigments, ink, acrylic, and graphite. His use of colour is significant and considered when utilised in his work, often added as a medium to convey a message within the narrative of the piece.

His work is figurative, often starting as a sketch that evolves into a storyboard that tackles the paintings themes. As the composition comes together Maiden adds layers upon layers of each medium, giving the final painting a depth that reveals both prevalent and partially hidden messages.

While Maiden describes his work as storytelling, he often combines themes from popular culture to provide a stark contrast to the gritty issues his work tackles. Themes have included Star Wars, Sonic the Hedgehog, the Joker, depictions of soldiers and the army, and the Union Jack.