Painting predominantly in oils, Jamie’s work explores the concept of ‘identity’, as individuals are forced to experience extremes of psychological and emotional challenge. Shifting uncomfortably from sensitive to brutal, his work finds beauty in life’s more visceral themes. 

The raw physicality of painting and a deep connection with the materials and tactility of the process feed the work. From the heavy impasto oils and raw, textured linens to the delicate gold leaf and bleeding inks, each mark is instinctive, each image forged during the process, rather than conceived of in advance.

His latest collection of heavily textural impasto works explores the psychological effects on humanity of the current extremes of social, political and cultural disruption.



Plague Twins (Part 1&2)

Jamie Gallagher Charcoal on Arches Framed in ebony stained oak, anti-reflective glass

Thousand Yard Stare

Jamie Gallagher Charcoal, chalk and gesso on raw canvas

The Human Use of Human Beings

Jamie Gallagher Oil & Spray Paint on Linen

Walking in Sunshine

Jamie Gallagher Oil, Cold Wax & Spray Paint on Wood Panel


Jamie Gallagher Oil and Lithographic ink on Linen


Solo Exhibitions

  • 2019
    'FRAMA' Frome
  • 2019
    'Post Normality Reality Disorder', The Whittox Gallery

Group Exhibitions

  • 2019
    'To The Fore', Mount Art, Frome
  • 2019
    'Figures & Faces', Andelli Art, South Horrington, Wells
  • 2018
    'Collection Point', Kobi & Teal, Frome
  • 2018
    'Open Studios', Silk Mill Studios
  • 2017
    'Mixing Signals', Kobi & Teal, Frome