Hudson's work is powerful, and demonstrates a stunning juxtaposition of raw materials and unfettered emotional subject matter.

Originally hailing from rural Suffolk, Hudson has developed a body of work with strong contemporary urban narratives. His work is passionate, and the inspiration behind each sculpture often tells an emotive story. 

Appearing on BBC2's 'Show me the Monet' Hudson was selected to appear in the final episode our of thousands of submissions. With judges blown away by his featured piece 'You can have my Ted'.




A rare breed of sculptor, Craig Hudson is a 'founder sculptor' allowing him to oversee and manipulate the sculpting process from start to finish.

'Unlike most bronze sculptors I am a little different as I am also the founder. Where most artists would take their work to a foundry to be cast, I am there for the whole creation. From the first lump of clay, through to the final piece itself.'




'I make the Sculpture, the silicone mould, the wax copy, the investment, the pouring of metal, the finishing the metal, and lastly the colouring/painting. Along the way I am privy to decisions not open to everyone, as in there may be a miss cast, something may go wrong, but in it doing so actually plays into creating a better sculpture, allowing for options along the way.'



'I was first taught how to bronze cast in the classic renaissance way of casting, this involves building up layers of grog, plaster and Ludo (previously fired moulds crushed and refined) around the wax pattern and its running system. An object that originally was the size of a fist become 3-4 times larger.
A new way of casting for me has been the ceramic shell method. where the wax pattern and running system is dipped in a slurry and refractory is sprinkled on, building up gradual layers. These moulds when completed are briefly fired in a kiln for maybe 20 mins but at 1000 degrees.
Both processes have their good and bad, I personally like to have the option to chose either as and when I feel either suit the job in hand.'


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